Sanjin Šarić

Software Engineer


30 years old | 6 years experience | Sarajevo, Bosnia and HerzegovinaFull stack developer with accent on frontend, specialied in React + Redux and vanilla JavaScript.With higher education in telecommunications, transitioned into web development. Started as a backend developer, but soon into the career got familiar with frontend as well. Worked with various technologies and languages some of them being: JS ecosystem, WebGL, Ruby on Rails and .NET. Focused on implementing robust, UX friendly features with minimum cognitive friction. When not coding, I am Researching UX topics, some of which are: psychology in web design, UI, HCI, and design thinking. Always up for a new challange and known for taking initiative“Jack of all trades, master of none, but better than master of one”
  • Philipa Legal Tech
    Tech Lead
    introduce a build environment for monorepoimproved eslint and typescript project rulesCD implemented on Azure infrastructurevarious UX designsintroduced a test environment for all projects
  • Comtrade
    Lead Engineer
    introduce a build environment for a new projectrefactoring eslint and typescript usageworkshop host for React best practicessuccessfully refactored backend written in Nest.js + TypeORM to support multitenancyimproved code coverage (jest) by adding integration tests and more robust unit test on both backend and frontend of a big commercial appgained familiarity with event sourcing (kafka)piloted creation of GitLab monitoring appgroomed and created number of jira tasks
  • Evomecs GmbH
    Software Engineer
    clean up and consolidate build systems for development and production (webpack and rollup)introduce code proofing tools and heavily refactor existing projectsintroduce code style guide and CSS style guide. Start drafting the company design guidelinesdevelop React components in Relay.jsdevelop backend GraphQL endpoints in .NET
  • Social Explorer Inc.
    Software Engineer
    created myriad of React components in propriertary frameworkpiloted the creation and development of bash script for faster bootstraping processrefactored Ruby on Rails Project and implemented new website designmaintained company fork of mapbox-gl-js and added new features to the rendererutilized own initiative in solely developing an idea floating around the office
  • GlobalGPS BH
    Software Engineer
    developed API endpoints in OSGi Java frameworkboostraped and developed featuers for company Android applicationmaintained company network
  • Masters, Telecommunications
    NFC Attendance system (Android)
  • Bachelors, Telecommunications
    Reconfigurable active RC filter